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Feb 10, 2016 at 12:29 PM

SUM Restart system for java-only failing



Currently I am doing stack upgrade using SUM SP15 on NW7.5 , in the execution phase at step Restart system for java only is failing .

Observed that , system restarting properly but taking time meanwhile SUM assuming system was not started and giving error .

I checked the jsmon and everything fine after couple of minutes , is there any way to increase time out ?? I did the clean restart of java instance like cleanipc,ipcrm etc... but still same issue


Could not check status of SAP instance with number 0. Could not check if the instance number 0 on host appoxidev is started. Sapcontrol client could not perform action wait for started on instance 0 Return code condition success evaluated to false for process sapcontrol for action wait for started.