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Feb 09, 2016 at 07:45 PM

PKMC CDBBS Control Cycles, Ignore Dep. Req checkbox



I am interested in finding more information on CDBBS based Control Cycles. I noticed that CDBBS type Control Cycles have a check box "ignore dep req". I am assuming this is an off switch for CDBBS based Control Cycles. I have searched company documentation and on the internet and am still coming up empty. If anyone has any information what this functionality does I would appreciate it if you would share!

The issue we are trying to resolve is related to 5020 control cycles. We are switching to 5020 from 0009 strategy. This means we have inventory that is "trapped" in our warehouse and when we flip the switch to 5020 from 0009 that inventory will never get ordered to the factory and triggers will be sent to suppliers via the 5020. We were exploring the option of having our 5020 control cycles created but having the "ignore dep req" box checked to pull in the remaining inventory from the warehouse. Once this inventory has been ordered out we would uncheck the ignore dep req box to turn on the control cycle.

Any information is appreciated.