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Feb 09, 2016 at 07:46 PM

SICF calls wrong host


We have a system we are using for our portal upgrade project HQ3. Our production system is HP1. Recently to be sure we have everything in sync, we refreshed HQ3 with a copy of HP1.

Now if I test a web dynpro abap application from SE80, I can see the correct URL in the application and it launches fine when you right click and select test.

However, if I go to that same application in SICF and right click and choose test, I get a logon screen prompting for credentials for HP1.

Is there somewhere I can check the configuration to see why it is going to HP1 when tested from HQ3?

I looked in SMICM and SICF but could not find anything.

Looking at the icm/host_name_full parameter in RZ10 looks good.