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Feb 09, 2016 at 05:28 PM

External Return Code(FEBEP-KKREF) from Bank Statement is not transferred through FPB7


Hello Everyone,

We are implementing import of CAMT.053 Bank Statement for incoming payment.

1) We did successfully XSLT Transformation and imported the data into FI Tables.

2) External Return Code FEBEP-KKREF was also stored in the table from the file.

3) When I read the Bank statement data, and create Return Lot through FPB7 transaction, Return Lot is created but the Return Code is lost somewhere though we have correctly configured the mapping of external codes from Bank to internal codes.

4) We debugged the Programm RFKKKA00, and found that in Include RFKIKA13 the House Bank code "p_bfkkrp_rlhbk" is always set as '0'.(See the attachment)

5) Due to this, System always try to look for a mapping of external reason code '0' instead of the return code 'AC01' in the statement and predictably it doesnt find anything.

I think setting the value '0' for House Bank return code is Wrong. Instead it should be mapped to "p_fkkbep-kkref".

Did this problem occur to you as well? Is there a solution for it? I dont see any SAP Note for this also.

Appreciate your suggestions.




RFKIKA13.JPG (80.6 kB)