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Feb 09, 2016 at 12:12 PM

Forecast Consumption Alert



Our business need a requirement for alerts. they want to view the forecast consumpion alert in DP planning book

but how to create the macro based on this requirement. how to create the read color cell if alerts is generated in planning book.

A monthly actual sales vs forecast pro-rated to the elapsed days alert.

This alert should run in the monthly.Threshold for alerts are <80% or >120%.

requirement is (1 Calculate the number of days in the month and divide the active forecast by this to get a pro rata daily forecast.

2 Calculate how many days into the month the current date is. (e.g., today 4th Feb is 4 days into the month).

3 multiply the daily pro rata forecast (step1) by the number of days into the month so far.

Could you please ex plane the how we will create the macro based on above requirement.