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Feb 09, 2016 at 12:11 PM

Is there a way to suppress shortcut icons for linked items being displayed in the Object Browser?


[PowerDesigner 16.5 SP03 PL03]

We have an Enterprise model and several system logical models, and have been using traceability links to link the system logical representation to the Enterprise model. The good news is that this all works as expected, however a side effect is that shortcut icons are also added into the system logical model. As an example if the system has an Account entity, and that links to the Enterprise Account Entity via a traceability link the logical model shows the Enterprise Account as a shortcut in the Object browser.

Is there a way to suppress the display of shortcuts in the object browser that exist because of a traceability link or move these into a different folder? These shortcuts are not material to the system level modellers and having them intermingled with the solution entities causes confusion.

Note in a hope to avoid going off topic, the Enterprise model cannot be used to create the System logical model. We are aiming for alignment of pre-existing models, not enforcing top down creation.

Many thanks,