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Feb 09, 2016 at 12:10 PM

Using SWPM to do a system copy of NW7.0 (EHP1) - DB and Kernel media?


Hi all

I need a little clarification please using Software Provisioning Manager (SPM/SWPM).

I've downloaded the relevant version (70SWPM) but I'm struggling to work out where to get the correct Oracle RDBMS and kernel media from.

I'm actually building a system from a DB export. So we'll be building a new system using SWPM and using the export dump file for the DB import.

The source system is ECC 6 (EHP4) on Netweaver 7.0 (EHP1), SAP kernel 720 (patch 700), Oracle, on RHEL Linux 6.4.

So the target system I'm building needs to be the same (homogeneous system copy).

But if I look in the SAP Download Centre for "Netweaver 7.0 including EHP1" then the Oracle version there is 10.2.0 and the kernel is 7.00. I guess these were what the source system was originally built at but have since been upgraded/patched.

My question is, do I:

1) Download the 10.2 RDBMS and 7.00 Kernel, use SPWM to build/import/copy the system, then do an Oracle upgrade and kernel upgrade


2) Instead find the 11.2 RDBMS and 7.20 kernel and point SPWM at them to build the system on the correct level?

I'm leaning towards the second option but then the question is - where do I find the correct media on SWDC? Also, SAP OSS Note "1680045 - Release Note for Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP09" seems to imply (under 'Kernal Media') that I should use the version that came with the original - I think - it's not very clear!

Any ideas?