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Feb 09, 2016 at 10:26 AM

Style options for UI elements in FLUID of OVP FPM application


I'm missing the style options for UI elements in the component configuration for OVP applications (FLUID editor) in the documentation.

Problem: how can I set the color of the background of radio buttons labels (color:red doesn't work, labelColor doesn't work), how to change the color of labels of UI elements (fontColor:red works, backgroundColor:red doesn't). The abap wd component WDR_TEST_CUSTOM_STYLES is supposed to provide some guidance but still not all of them work.

So is there a comprehensive lists of supported UI style attributes for each UI element usable in a OVP component configuration?

Anybody has some experience - I could only bring fontColor to work so far.

The problem that I need to solve is (while having a lot of horizontally laid out radio button groups) having a zebra pattern for each row so that the user know where each radiobutton belongs.