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Feb 09, 2016 at 06:06 AM

Register a service and Use $expand in composite OData service



I went through the below link

Design Time: How to Compose Multiple OData Services using SAP Gateway

I created two services.

My second service is in the current (same) system.

I created the external association and also generated the run-time objects.

However, I was not able to register using service maintenance feature.

1) How to register using service maintenance? Is it mandatory?

Because when I click on service maintenance, everything Register and Maintain buttons are graded out.


When I clicked Call Browser button after activating the main service, I was able to see the dependent service details also in the XML (browser).

2) Can I use $expand in the url to expand the second (dependent) service?

As I am using multiple service and I don't want to use a single service.

I want to link this way instead of creating multiple entity sets in the same service.

Is it possible?

Any suggestions would be helpful 😊