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Feb 09, 2016 at 04:01 AM

How to insert a negative amount for RT and CRT


Hi Experts,

I am having an issue as below,

Issue in case of Salary sacrifice for advance pay (Q3) in Australia Payroll

1) CRT table is getting updated wrongly for salary sacrifice in case of advance pay. As an example one employee ( fortnightly paid ) being paid in advance for 07-Nov-2015 to 05-Feb-2016 ( for 6.5 pay periods) in pay period 10-2015 ( 24.10.2015 - 06.11.2015 ). This pernr has a salary sacrifice of $2400 yearly ( i.e: $92.31 fortnightly), but salary sacrifice amount is getting recorded incorrectly in CRT, where salary sacrifice for advance pay is getting calculated twice.

I have made a analysis as below,

Initially PCR X023 is adding the $600.01 ( $92.,31*6.5 ). Again Q030 is adding $692.32 ($600.01 as advance + $92.31 for current pay). Finally RT results $1292.33 ( $600.01 + $692.32) where it should be only $692.32.

In spite of having wrong calculation pay advice is showing the amount properly. Could you please guide me if anything can be done here ?

2) To avoid this can we introduce a custom PCR to delete the erroneous entry from RT and CRT specific to this, so the below will be the flow,

--- Wage type ( 9xxx ) amount are getting added to RT and CRT in PCR X023 ( Presently happening )

--- If wage type ( 9xxx )amount is not zero, subtract the same amount from RT and CRT to nullify the amount added in X023, can any one please help me with the steps ( Need to do )

--- Again wage type ( 9xxx ) will be added to RT and CRT in PCR Q030 ( Presently happening )