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Feb 08, 2016 at 09:41 PM

Gas flask depot - purchasing process in Switzerland


Dear Guru

I am back into SAP after a long break.

My company wants to install a depot process for gas flasks.

Although I read through literally every comment on this site, I doubt if the processes described meet our requirements.

We buy gas for production processes and, in addition to the price of the gas, we pay a depot fee for the flasks in which the gas is being delivered.

The depot fee will be paid back after returning the flasks to the vendor.

We have so far no SAP solution

- to track - in our numerous plants - neither the flasks that are still full nor the ones that have been emptied and need to be returned,

- to get the flasks to a certain plant to collect them for returning processes,

- and to claim the depot fee back from the vendor upon returning the empty flasks.

I need to establish a nice, easy, smart process for following the flasks round our plants, and I need a nice, lean solution to return the flasks to our vendors by claiming back the depot paid in advance.

Can I do this

- by building up some clever material master data consisting of several entities like gas and flask in the respective plants (which material type?) and

- by using a pre-defined purchase order type for returning goods (would NB be the correct choice?)

- or do I have to use the processes described earlier in this forum for India?

- or a combination of both?

- In what regard do the Swiss/European depot processes differ from the Indian ones?

Thanks for your valuable advise.

Kind regards