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Feb 08, 2016 at 06:06 PM

Can you see Paging Control in My Team Calendar?


Hello Everyone.

Need your help with My Team Calendar app.

We have about 40 employees in the team. By setting ‘No. of Lines/Page setting in configuration to be 40 or greater we are able to list ALL of the team employees (‘All Employees’ filter option). When we set it to a smaller ‘No. of Lines/Page’ like ‘8’, we expected to see 5 pages of 8 employees each and that we would have to scroll through the 5 pages. But we do not see any Paging Control.

There is code in function PT_ARQ_TEAMCALE_GET called by CL_HCM_TEAM_CALENDAR_DPC_EXT->employeecollecti_get_entityset for ‘PAGEUP’ ‘PAGEDOWN’ ‘PAGE_FIRST’, ‘PAGE LAST’, ‘PAGE JUMP’ etc., which I believe should be for the Page Controls but it is not possible to be called as we do not see any Paging Option.

Are we not looking in the right place? Could we be missing any configuration, enhancement or OSS Note? Does anybody see the Paging Options at their installation?

Thank you,



1_scn.png (23.4 kB)
2_scn.png (22.7 kB)
3_scn.png (64.8 kB)
4_scn.PNG (29.7 kB)