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Feb 08, 2016 at 04:45 PM

Missing tags



I was trying to open a new question and I tried to find a tag that would be similar to our old space SAP ERP Manufacturing - Production Planning (SAP PP), however, I could not find any relevant tag.

I made several searches for the module name and for names of sub components, but I could not find anything relevant.

Below there are some examples of search terms that I have used:

- Production planning

- Material requirements planning

- Shop floor control

Are all the tags available on the BETA?

In addition, I tried to search for the module PP, but it was not possible because I must enter at least 3 characters. Can't we have a special rule to research for only 2 characters, at least for the names of the core ERP components (such as SD, MM, PP, FI...)? I think that this kind of search would reduce the number of threads opened with wrong tags.