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Feb 08, 2016 at 01:50 PM

Consume xsodata / xsjs services from HTML5 Applications (productive landscape)



I am trying to create a destination AppToAppSSO destination to consume xsjs / xsodata services, but I can't find a way to do it.

This is my service configuration (.xsaccess) :

     "exposed" : true, 
     "authentication" :                                           
               "method": "SAML",
               "idp": "SAPID"

I have a xsodata service and 2 xsjs services in a package "dev". In addition to .xsaccess, I configured dev package like this:

This is my destination configuration:

Name: xstoui5

Type: HTTP

Description: Hana XS to HTML5

URL: https://*** (my productive address)

Proxy Type: Internet

Authentification: AppToAppSSO

TrustAll: true

WebIDEEnabled: true

WebIDESystem: xstoui5

WebIDEUsage: odata_xs,odata_gen

When I create a FIORI application, I can't access to my service with destination:

I have an Internal Server Error (response in debug: StatusCode in ResponseMessage != OK; please refer to the database trace for more information) I don't know where I can find traces for more details.

More information :

- I can access to my services with a browser.

- When I put my services and destination on Basic Authentification, It's working, but I don't want to use always the same user to consume services.

May you help me please?




Capture1.PNG (20.9 kB)
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