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Feb 06, 2016 at 08:01 PM

Sales Order Specific Stock in Common Inventory


Hi Experts,

Business Requirement: Plants wanted to sell Materials to their Customers. But these Materials are not common materials and each quantity of a material is Unique. These materials are not in the Plant Inventory for Sales & all these materials are purchased from Vendor, receive the stock in their Plants and later shipped to Customers.

Standard SAP Process Mapped using Item Category – BANC:

Sales Order / Purchase Requisition / Purchase Order / Inbound Delivery / Goods Receipt / Vendor Invoice / Outbound Delivery / Customer Invoice.

However, Business have the following concern:

From the above proposed SAP Process, the Incoming Stock through Goods Receipt is posted as a Sales Order Stock (Special Stock from FI Perspective) and not as a Common Inventory Posting, which is a Standard SAP process. However Business wanted to receive this Incoming Stock as a Common Inventory Stock and not as a Special Stock specific to Sales Order.

Problem Statement – We need to have the Sales Order Item linkage for the Incoming Material in order to deliver to Customer the same material that is ordered through Sales Order Item. If there is no Sales Order Linkage, it will be a common inventory stock which can be delivered to any Sales Order.

Please let us if you have come across any special scenarios.