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Former Member
Feb 21, 2006 at 02:20 PM

Auto Trace On Problem


Hi All,

this problem is related to my previous problem,

I want to make the <u><b>TRACE Auto ON</b></u> in my MI Client,

I have done the following,

(Note MI Client 2.5 SP 14 Patch 0)


1) In R/3</b>

created a Device configuration

with <b>Tracing Enable = true

Trace level = 50

Role = <RoleName></b> (in Assignment tab)

<b>2) Web Console:</b>

the device configuration created above is visible in mobile components

2.1) Start Role Synchronization for my user

2.2) Assigned the Device Config to the User

<b>3) MI Client:</b>

3.1) Sync with the MI Server

3.2) restart the MI Client

<b>Expected Results:</b>

a) The tracing should be seen ON automatically with "Error" as the tracing level

b) The appropriate entries should be there in the file "MobileEngine.config" under settings folder of MI Client Installation folder

<b>Actual Result:</b>

ONLY b) [Second one is happening not a)[First one]

Please tell me where can be the mistake in the whole procedure,