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Feb 05, 2016 at 03:37 PM

BPC Consolidations 10.1 how to use the ELIM=Y property in Entity



I am attempting to perform a US Elimination in NW 10.1 standard model.

i do not fully understand the use of the Elim = Y property, ( is elimination entity?) in the Entity dimension.

i have several company codes/entities in this dimension that i want to be included in the US Eliminations process.

Do i set them all to 'Y' or what entities are supposed to be Y? These are all my normal Entities.

at the Account level, i have set the property for those accounts to be eliminated with an entry for plug account. ie.

Account 12345 has property ELIMACC (offset account) set to 'plugaccountXYZ)

so i have balances as such

Entity ABC Account 12345 TP XXX $100

Entity XXX Account 45678 TP ABC -$100

i would expect offsetting entries to go to plugaccountXYZ if i have specified that in the Account dimension members for 12345 & 45678

do i set ELIM = Y to ABC and XXX or do i have a different Entity involved that is Y?