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Feb 05, 2016 at 01:17 PM

How to disable time evaluation control in Travel Expense



I have the following problem, I have a dedicated system for Travel Expense, a separate system for HR and another separated system for FI.

We get HR data thru ALE. A have a lot of different companies having their own customizing and processes for payroll and time.

For some employees, in the infotype 0003 (payroll status), I have for time evaluation the date "PDC recalculation" lower than the date in field "".

Then when I try to change the trip status I receive the error message : Earliest pers. retroacct. date is after PDC recalc. date.

And I can not create a posting for this expense.

Do you know if we can deactivate this test on time evaluation dates ? I assume I don't care those dates for Travel Expense !

If I change the date thru PU03 then I do not have the message and I can perform the posting. The issue it that TM is not owner of HR data and so I'm not supposed to change HR data in TM system.

So best would be to remove this control on dates of IT0003 because for me I don't see the relation with HR (payroll and time) !
Payment are done by FI (vendor) and we have no interface to payroll.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,