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Feb 05, 2016 at 01:21 PM

sap.m.Table is not refreshing after a oData Call


Hi Experts

We have a oData service defined in the Component.js and set the model like this.setModel(model, "Model");

We have one Screen with 3 combo boxes, based on the values selected we are reading the oData model entity set and displaying the data in the second screen which has a table. We are binding the Tables with the model like "{model>EntitySet}".

First time when I hit the button in the first screen , the table is displaying the records. When I go back to again the first screen and select the other combination of ComBo Boxes and by calling the oData serice with the new set of filters, this time my table in the second screen is not updating with the updated data, it is still showing the old records.

Can you please help in this regard, how we can resolve this issue.

Thanks and Regards