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Feb 21, 2006 at 01:34 PM

Can you "combine" criteria for 2 or more fields on a Selection Screen?


Good day everyone,

Here's my question: I understand that I can put fields on a Selection Screen and pre-fill them with data values. In this particular case, I want to pre-fill a couple of hidden fields with data values that will be used as criteria when I read data from the database; however, I need to pull back records that have this COMBINATION of data. For example:


Z002 Z001

Z002 Z002

Z003 Z001

Z003 Z002

So in my SQL, if I say "werks IN s_werks" and "btrtl IN s_brtrl", true, it will still work. But really, I need to say "if werks = 'z002' and btrtl = 'z001', or werks = 'z002' and btrtl = 'z002', etc. I can't rely on the simple "IN" functionality because it's possible a new value could be added in the future:


Z003 Z003

So if I use the "IN" logic and the record has werks = 'Z002' and btrtl = 'Z003', it would be returned. But I really don't want it returned, since a combination of werks = 'Z002' and btrtl = 'Z003' doesn't exist in my table of valid combinations.

Is this even possible to do in a Selection Screen? Do I go ahead and populate the fields separately, use the "IN" functionality, then spin through my resulting internal table and delete anything that doesn't match my "table" of valid combinations? Do I skip putting these on a Selection Screen completely and check the values in my SQL statement?

Thanks in advance -- points, as always, will be given. 😊