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Feb 05, 2016 at 10:29 AM

Calculation of Call and Startdate


On the moment we use only Time based maintenance, we did some tests withe Performed based maintenance and have a question about Call and Startdate of the orders.

We have a machine where we create a Measuring point for, we create a couple of Measurement documents and all working fine, but when we not run de machine for a couple of day's and not make new Measurement documents the call and startdate is still there from the last Measurement document, it not changed by dates that we not run.


Last Measurement document created on feb 01, 2016 and Counter reading was 1000, in IP10 we see Calldate feb 20, 2016 this is OK

We do not run the machine and do not create new Measurement documents

When we see in IP10 on feb 05,2016, we see calldate feb 20, 2016. (This is still the same as we see on feb 01, 2016)

Is Call and Startdate only updated by new Measurement document and not by date?

Is it possible that Startdate automatlic update after Calldate we we make new Measuring document?