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Feb 05, 2016 at 07:22 AM

Deactivate distribution rule



I am trying to deactivate a distribution rule, i am using V9.1 PL10 HF1, i got this error. There are some cost centers in this distribution rule that having Effective date from and to (which is already ended) but Active checked box is still ticked.

For this Distribution rule that I am not able to deactivate, the Effective from is 1/4/12, and Effective to is blank.

Most of cost centers in this rule having effective from 1/4/11, effective to is blank, just one or 2 cost centers having effective from 1/4/06 and effective to is 31/3/13 but active checked box is still ticked.

Must all cost centers in distribution rule have to be same effective from and to? Some cost centers might be inside few distribution rules, so a bit difficult to align all. Hope someone is able to answer my problem, thanks.