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Feb 04, 2016 at 10:16 PM

Negative cumulated ATP quantity


Hi All,

We are getting a message "Only 0 ST of material XXXXXXXX available" while creating the delivery.

I could see enough stock and confirmed lines which can be delivered.This issue is occurring as we have used POs at the order level ATP checks and not at the delivery. Since, we have not received the stock from the vendor system is showing negative quantity in CO09.

I have gone through the various SAP notes (547118/153355/1513607) and most of the notes suggesting us to change the PO delivery date or reject the lines.

As per my client business requirement, they would like to push the orders till we have stock physically available and wait for GR for the remaining orders. However, this is not possible until we make the ATP qty to positive.

Message while creating delivery

CO09 with checking Rule "A"

CO09 with Checking Rule "B" which shows negative qty.

Sai Krishna