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Feb 04, 2016 at 09:21 PM

Visualization tab shows dimension twice after merging dataset



We are using Lumira 1.29 desktop and LSBIP 1.29. I have extracted and created a dataset based on a fact table from SQL server , later I used the merge option to join the fact table to the Master data tables based on the PK and FK logic (Country Id as FK in fact and Country Id as PK in Master data table). I was successful in merging but in the Prepare tab we had 2 Country ID columns after merge and I was able to hide one of them in the Prepare tab.

The issue is when I went to the visualization tab I see that we have 2 Country ID when I click on the '+' symbol under dimension. I need to show only one as the user would see 2 same dimensions and would be confused as to select which one.

The result/output is the same when we use either one.


LumiraSCN.PNG (19.1 kB)