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Feb 04, 2016 at 07:13 PM

PowerBuilder PBL compatible with Infomaker?


We would like to prepare a PB 12.5.2 PBL with datawindow objects only and send it to a customer who uses Infomaker 12.6. Does anyone know whether this can and should be done?

We had some problems doing this when InfoMaker was initially installed on Windows 10 where InfoMaker would "GPF". SAP recommended installing Infomaker on a prior version of Windows, which our customer has done.

I am nervous about having them set a PowerBuilder PBL as the InfoMaker working PBL, and then experiencing problems and not be able to use InfoMaker to set the working PBL back. Thus I have a second question - if this happens, does anyone know how to change the InfoMaker working PBL outside of InfoMaker itself?

Rather than preparing a PBL for them we thought we would export datawindow objects and let them import the ".srd" files into their InfoMaker PBLs. It seems, however, that InfoMaker does not support object export/import.

Thank you!