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Feb 04, 2016 at 08:38 AM

Retention Amount Handling


Hi Gurus,

In our process we need to retain 10% of the amount from the vendor's invoice only on the Final bill. Vendor can send partial invoices.

Suppose our total PO value is 1000 INR and our terms are 10% retention money.

In 1st invoice vendor claims 200 INR, we need to pay him 200INR .

In the 2nd Invoice vendor claims 300 INR, we need to pay him 300 INR

In the Final Invoice, the vendor claims 500 INR, We need to pay him 400 INR and then 100 INR (10% of total value) goes to retention account.This can be settled after final project / completion of services.

We would like to have this through MM/LIV process? Is this possible in standard SAP?