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Feb 04, 2016 at 06:26 AM

Getting error in program SAPLCOBO - Field "PROJ_STATUS" unknown


Hi All,

We are executing tcode COR6N - this is a PP tcode to process order on Quality system of our client.

We have not implemented PS module however we are getting abap error on this tcode.

Inline image 1

On further analysis we found note 1654763 - Message DB 001 in log with field PROJ-PROJ_STATUS etc

This note mentions the error for "PROJ_STATUS" and we need to activate a PS business function,etc.

Reason is that this field is used in some selection view.

My question is -- if we have not implemented PS module, are we supposed to get this error? is there a way to find which selection view this field is included? if we have not implemented PS, then why this error in tcode COR6N? or should we just follow the solution mentioned in the above mentioned note?