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Feb 03, 2016 at 05:07 PM

OOPS ALV grid toolbar-Duplicate row handling.


Hi experts,

I have developed a report using oops alv. Here i have 10 columns in my result, out of which 4 are provided to user as editable. Now these 4 columns will not be completely editable through out the report ,instead depend on certain conditions i.e. for these 4 columns i am controlling the editable/greyed out feature at cell level(row level)

Now my requirement is : User may to need to add multiple values for 4th column for a single line item, so i can see that sap has provided the button of "Duplicate Row" in the alv grid toolbar. so when i click on it, i am getting a duplicate row with values and having cell properties(Greyed out/editable) as in the row for which i am creating a duplicate. Now since user only edits the 4th column, i want to make the remaining 3 columns greyed out.

Can somebody please tell me how this can be achievable. Any code snippet would greatly help.

Thank you..