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Feb 03, 2016 at 03:49 PM

Browser Tab Title 7.02 vs. 7.40


We are currently upgrading to Netweaver 7.40 and are using SPS 12.

We've noticed the behavior of the browser title appears to have issues or perhaps has changed from our current 7.02 environment.

In 7.02, after the title populates with Overview - SAP Netweaver Portal, which is essentially the title of the second level navigation tab plus the constant SAP Netweaver Portal.

On this tab is the are announcements and the UWL.

In 7.40, as the page starts to populate the tab reads the same with Overview - SAP Netweaver Portal, however, once the page is done loading (and I should mention the UWL is the last iView to load, the browser tab just says UWL instead of saying Overview - SAP Netweaver Portal.

This behavior continues across tabs so when I go to the ESS tab and Overview is selected, I see the same title in 7.02 which is Overview - SAP Netweaver Portal.

But in 7.40, I see that same title as the page is loading but when finished, the title changes to XssMenu.

I've looked through configuration to see if this has changed somewhere but could not find anything.

Can someone confirm whether this is the behavior of the browser tab title now or if this looks like something to report?