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Feb 03, 2016 at 04:29 PM

Personas 3 and handling of docking controls


Hello Personas community,

I am running a Personas 3SP2 on Kernel 742 Level 314. We are enabling Personas for Maintenance personal as part of a SAP simplification project.

As part of these transactions (e.g IW31) the screen has a horizontal docking control (wnd[0]/shellcont) which sometimes is launched showing the docked area (wnd[0]/shellcont/shell) in the middle of the reworked screen. It is the middle because we are getting rid of most fields. I cannot hide the shellcont because it contains the user area. Scripting on properties (enabled, height) of the docked control provides no change.

Does anybody know how to handle these controls and could provide some insights on how to either hide them or move them 'out of the way'?