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Feb 03, 2016 at 04:07 PM

Sap Hana Replication


Hello all,

I have 2 SAP Hana Systems i am using to test replication.

Although when i start with replication secondary hosts wont start. Making some analyse to the nameserver.trc and indexserver.trc i have the following:


i Crypto Utils.cpp(02368) : generated new PersistenceRootKey.

i Crypto Utils.cpp(02408) : generated new DpApiRootKey.

e Stream NetworkChannel.cpp(02672) : NetworkChannel::connectBlocking peer closed

e DaemonClient NetworkLinux.cpp(00233) : Cannot connect (connection refused) to

e TrexNet Responder.cpp(02062) : can't accept: (ssl: internal error)

e TrexNet Responder.cpp(02062) : details: Internal Error. Crypto/SSL/CommonCrypto/Engine.cpp:516: SSL handshake failed: SSL error [536871970]: ???, General error: 0x20000422 | SAPCRYPTOLIB | SSL_accept SSL API error

0xa060023c | SSL | ssl3_get_record

Version in SSLPlaintext.version field of currently received record differs from the one negotiated in the current or currently accomplished handshake.

SSL record with a non supported version received

(ErrCode: 536871970)


e tz DateParser.cpp(04444) : Time zone validity checker could not find database tables with timezone data. Aborting validity check. Please make sure that you have up-to-date timezone data tables. (see SAP Note 1932132)

e TrexNet EndPoint.cpp(00329) : ERROR: failed to open channel <SecondaryServerIP>:30010! reason: (ssl: no context given)

e TrexNet EndPoint.cpp(00329) : details: Internal Error. Crypto/SSL/CommonCrypto/Context.cpp:128: Cannot create SSL context: Error in api.SSL_CTX_set_default_pse_by_name - SSL error [4129]: ???, General error: 0x00001021 | SAPCRYPTOLIB | SSL_CTX_set_default_pse_by_name


The PSE file does not exist.

0xa1d50108 | TOKEN_TOKPSE | sec_SSL_CTX_set_asc

Token application not existing

(ErrCode: 4129)

[4213]{365351}[18/13865] 2016-02-02 15:40:04.706691 e Row_Engine : error: general configuration error (at ptime/session/eapi/jdbc/

33 )

[4213]{365351}[18/13865] 2016-02-02 15:40:04.706797 e EmbeddedAPI : unhandled ltt exception was caught: conn_id=365351, stmt_id=156917060728915

7, stmt_hash=aabe125e5c487fd1ae50133f0f4aaf98, error=error: general configuration error, sql=alter system alter configuration ('global.ini','SYSTEM') unset ('communicat

ion','ssl') with reconfigure

[4213]{365351}[-1/-1] 2016-02-02 15:40:04.706913 e EmbeddedAPI : internal error: message=error: general configuration error

[4213]{365351}[-1/-1] 2016-02-02 15:40:04.836169 e EmbeddedAPI : exception 1: no.70000030 (TREXNameServer/ReconfigServer.cpp:113)

error: general configuration error

exception throw location:

Can anyone help me debuging and resolving this please. I am starting with SAP Note 1932132.