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Feb 03, 2016 at 12:50 PM

RFC call from EP with Java


Dear all,

I would like to do a programmatic remote call from an APC or WDJ to SAP_WAPI* fuba's on some ABAP backends on a SAP EP 7.31. I need to use some regular destinations created with NWA for that, accessible under NWA -> Configuration -> Security -> Destinations. So I will probably need to access those out of Java component programmatically.

After searching around I found the in fact 2 approaches (not sure if any of those would work resp. I found the right information):

1.)use of and related classes, getting a destination should work like:

JCoDestination dest = JCoDestinationManager.getDestination(yourDest);

Unfortunately I cant find any documentation on this. There is the Java doc describing purpose and use of this package?

2.)After looking on current Java doc on for EP I have seen:

Portal Destination Service - Portal - SAP Library

Indeed, after I read the help Ive realized its obviously not supposed to read RFC destinations as described, rather used for:

  • Portal System Landscape
  • J2EE Destination Service
  • J2EE Web Service Security Service (Dynamic Proxy)
  • WebDynPro JCo Destinations

Maybe Im wrong?

Can anybody say me which of both mentioned way is the right one and point me to documentation for JCoDestination? A short source sample for appropriate remote call method would be great...