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Feb 02, 2016 at 09:10 PM

Problem generating time data in BWHANA


Hi folks,

In our Enterprise HANA environments (SPS 8 rev 82) I have generated time data successfully many times using T009 and T009B replicated from SAP source system. When trying to do the same thing in BW on HANA system (SPS8 rev 85) and choosing FISCAL calendar option it seems to be doing gregorian no matter whether I choose GREGORIAN or FISCAL options. For example in M_FISCAL_CALENDAR January should be period 5 for us and not period 1. I've looked at T009 and T009B in the BW system and they appear to be correct and look exactly like the ones in our Enterprise HANA Systems.

Has anybody seen this behavior? Does BW on HANA perhaps not use the same T009 and T009B tables like HANA systems that use SLT?