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Feb 02, 2016 at 05:47 PM

Formula field and nulls question


I have a formula field that is filtering out duplicate records (charges). This formula is working perfectly:

If ({vwProdAnalChgs.Account_ID} = previous ({vwProdAnalChgs.Account_ID])) and ({vwProdAnalChgs.Date_Updated}) = previous ({vwProdAnalChgs.Date_Updated}) and ({vwProdAnalChgs.Procedure_Code}) = previous ({vwProdAnalChgs.Procedure_Code}) and ({vwProdAnalChgs.Modifiers}) = previous ({vwProdAnalChgs.Modifiers}) then 0 else {vwProdAnalChgs.Amount}

My question is:

The records do not always include "Modifiers", so the modifier value will sometimes be null.

How do I include Modifier nulls in this equation to make sure I get an accurate filter?

Thanks for any help!