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Feb 02, 2016 at 03:25 PM

The execution of report Default report failed_Maximum number of Rows and columns



We are on SAPKW73010,SAPK-80010INCPMBPC,


There is a report with 56 columns and 380 rows.When the report is refreshed getting the error message

"The execution of report Default report failed.Please contact your administrator" after a long time.

I have full access.It is not related to security issue.I modified the report to pull the data for 1 column and is workig fine.Even when I tried to refresh the report with less rows working fine.

Is there any limitation on number of rows and columns for an EPM report?

One more intresting thing..I have recreated the same report in other enivrionment(In production we have 3 environments) where data is very less.In that environment report is retrieving the data.

NB: I can't use "Remove Empty", Rows and Columns as the report has lot of excel formulas.