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Feb 02, 2016 at 10:21 AM

Logoff in Screen Personas 2.0


Dear All,

I am currently implementing a Screen Personas 2.0 solution with a customer and have come across a problem.

Multiple users need to use the same computer and therefore need to be able to logoff and login accordingly. In order to do so, i have created a "/NEX"-transaction button for this purpose. The button works as expected and the user is logged out when clicked, however when the next guy comes along, he does not have to enter his credentials and is automatically logged in to the previous users account, as i suppose his credentials was saved in the cache.

An example of the scenario can be seen here.

In my search for a solution, i came across note 1777513 - I tried the proposed solution, however this did not work - as i suppose 2.0 is running as an BSP-application. Because of this, i tried the same solution for BSP-icf, PERSOS-icf, and MAINAPP-icf, but with no luck

Lastly, I have tried to come up with a script to handle the task, however i still haven't managed to crack the code.

So, if you have an idea how this issue can be handled please let me know 😊

Best regards,

Patrick Aagaard