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Feb 01, 2016 at 11:36 AM

Default Work Status not working...(?)


Hi guys,

Question 1:

is it possible to define a Default Work Status as Data Entry for 'Managers' only?

Mind you that we considered all relevant SAP Notes in regards to the Work Status Concept (in partiicular note 1862768. which points to the Default State - order 0 entry of the table above).

Additionally, we also maintained the Owner property entries of our Owner Dimension accordingly.

Apparently, this concept seems to be working out for one model, but not for another one of the same Environment:

Jobs being scheduled by a manager continue to fail due to a work status error on a non owner dimension.

Hence my Question 2:

Is it somehow necessary to manually apply the DEFAULT WORK STATE to a data slice initially?

That would be strange since it is supposed to be the DEFAULT state.

And: Does the DEFAULT STATE apply to the Cartesian Product of all Work Status relevant dimension members?????

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



We're on

SAP_BW 740 0011 SAPKW74011 SAP Business Warehouse

CPMBPC 801 0012 SAPK-80112INCPMBPC CPM Business Planning and Consolidation

EPM Add In 10.0 SP20 Patch 1 .Net 4 (Build 9042)