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Feb 01, 2016 at 10:39 AM

Problem Unable to convert the sender service to an ALE logical system


Xi experts,

I'm facing error in title while testing a file to IDOC scenario.

I know that I've to set the Adapter Specific Identifiers in my sender Business Service (named BS_XXX2).

Problem is that I've already set XI logical system name (XIDCLNT100) as Adapter Specific Identifiers of another Business Service (named BS_XXX1).

Now when I try to set the same LS name in BS_XXX2 it raise the error "Logical System name already exists in Service BS_XXX2).

What I have to do?

I have read Michael solution here:

But I don't have PI business system in the list of business system to set in receiver Agreement.

Could you please tell me what I have to do?