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Feb 01, 2016 at 10:38 AM

Commitment Plan for Purchase Contracts


Hi Experts,

We have a business requirement to apply budget control on MM Contracts. The scenario is as follows:

- Service PR = $10,000 (Budget committed by $10,000)

- Service Contract for one year with reference to PR = $10,000 (Commitment of PR carried forward)

- Service PO against Contract $10,000 (Commitment of PR carried forward)

- SES against PO $10,000 (Commitment converted into Actualization)

- Invoice against PO $10,000 (Actualization of SES carried forward)

I have applied the guide mentioned on SAP Library and configured the following:

1 - Define Company Code Group (Z001)

2 - Assign Company Code to a Company Code Group (Company Codes assigned to Z001)

3 - Define Document Type (Funds Reservation Category 30 with Document Type 11 is selected)

4 - Global Funds Management Function is activated already.

5 - Maintain data for Integration Scenario:

6 - Configured MM Document Type of Contracts:

In spite of all the configuration, system is behaving as following:

- PR Creation - Budget Consumed

- Contract against PR creation - No Impact

- PO against Contract which was created with reference to PR - Budget consumption is getting doubled which is wrong.

Please guide where i am mistaken?


Zain Bashir


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