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Feb 01, 2016 at 08:45 AM

Characteristic value authorization without missing the records: Bex


Hi All,

Need to mask the characteristic values with "Confidential" for a column field to a set of users without missing the row in Bex report during runtime

Confidential users

CNO CTRY Name Email

101 US

102 UK

103 US

Non- Confidential users

CNO CTRY Name Email

101 US Confidential

102 UK Confidential

103 US Confidential

These confidential users are maintained in a field (ZCONFUSR) based on which the email ID need to masked but the records/row should be seen for non-confidential reports.

The regular Authorization Based on Characteristic Value will actually hide the complete records but in my case I want to mask only the characteristic values in a column with confidential.

How to achieve the above scenario ?

Ver: SAP BW 7.3