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Feb 01, 2016 at 06:13 AM

SM 7.1 (install SUM10 SP15)


Hi All,

I am little confuse here about installation of SUM10 SP15. I am new to SUM.

1) For installation do I just download the SUM10 SP15 and extract them into a separate directory?

2) We are still running SM 7.1, according to the PAM matrix it only support JVM 4.1, however SUM required java 6 to run.

How do I make it coexist in the same server? Meaning I can't upgrade my JVM 4.1 for my SM 7.1, how do I install java JVM 6 or above for SUM to work?

3) What is the recommendation to run SUM? On the same server as SM 7.1 or another server?

Any advice and pointer is greatly appreciated.