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Feb 01, 2016 at 04:13 AM

Outbound Idoc Message Function - Configuration


Hello all,

We have a requirement to add a value to the Idoc Message Function for outbound Idoc Message Type /SAPSLL/CUS_DVZ. When I just add the value in the partner profile configuration in WE20 for corresponding partner, and executing the outbound idoc for customs, getting an error in the Function Module EDI_AGREE_OUT_MESSTYPE_READ that combination of the Partner & Message Type, Message Variant, Message Function not found. When I checked the FM /SAPSLL/IDOC_PARTNER_APPL_READ

*-- Partnerart

*-- Grundsätzlich sind die Partner als Geschäftspartner in der

*-- Partnervereinbarung zu pflegen

ls_edk13-rcvprt = 'GP'.

*-- Nachrichtentyp

*-- ergibt sich aus der LEGACT + Customizingtabelle TLEPRN

ls_edk13-mestyp = is_ecc_cntrl-edi_mestyp.

ls_edk13-mescod = is_ecc_cntrl-edi_mescod.

I can just see message type and message code to be checked whereas Message Function was not available for getting the values.

What we understood by the code was to check for empty value for Message Function. Is there any other place checking for the value of Message Function? If that is the case is there any place to achieve the same through configuration?

Checked for notes but no luck.

Thanks in advance for checking the same.




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