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Material transfer within company group and material mapping issue in sap. How to Map in sap?

Hello All,

I am in an implementation project and client has the following 2 scenarios and how to map it..?

1) Lets say we have a FG with one RAW MATERIAL as bom.

FG ---> RM3.

So our client purchase this material as RM1 as bought out material. Then they sell this RM1 material to one of the group companies in the name RM2 as sales invoice they sell(As it is illegal for manufacturing industry to trade with other companies,they sell in a different name as RM2). So after some value addition process, finally receiving back as RM3. SO how to map this process in SAP and how to map in BOM?

2) We have routing and after a particular operation called blanking (Cutting out in cicle shapes from plain rectangle sheet), we get the cut out circle shapes which is actually a scrap. But in some cases they use the same cut out circle pieces as RM for another material. how to manage this in stock or receive this cut out materials, because it is cut out pieces and not purchased using PO from outside,So how to map this in sap??

Kindly help me with it.

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1 Answer

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    Feb 08, 2017 at 02:38 PM

    1) A) Company /Plant 1 Create BOM - RM2 (Header material )---> RM1 (Component ) . dummy production process(Repetitive Mfg) to convert RM1 to RM2

    B) Company /Plant 2 Create BOM - RM3 (Header material )---> RM3 (Component ). Dummy production process(Repetitive Mfg) to convert RM1 to RM2

    C) Company /Plant 1 Create BOM - FG (Header material )---> RM3 (Component ) . Create production process to convert RM3 to FG

    2) Production generation of Circle shape a piece, Can be treated as By Product or Co-Product

    Create BOM with negative quantity( Circle shape - Material ) and assigned to blanking operation.

    While Prod confirmation stock will be generated for Circle shape material - Movement type 531.

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