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Jan 29, 2016 at 06:03 PM

Question Regarding Applying Filter Through User Query


Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find a way to make a report which pulls two years worth of data for comparison filter the information on a monthly level by the user's selection. I am working in a Boxi system using Webi reports. What I would like to figure out is if I can get a prompt on the Refresh All button so that the report will request the Month information as a filter or if there is a way to apply filters for months across years that I am missing. Below are screens for what I have as a report and what the refresh screens are requesting. When I try using a simple filter as the option it only allows me to choose a single month. For what you see below I have applied a filter to the entire report in the Edit screen which gives me what I wanted but I cannot figure out how to update that without going back to the Edit screen and I don't want users doing that if possible.

Report Screen:

Data Refresh Screen:

Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.



Refresh Screen.PNG (25.2 kB)