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Jan 29, 2016 at 12:03 PM

Add Massive Draft Document


Hi experts,

I remember that, in SAP Business One release 9.1 was possible to add in a massive way draft document.

Problem is that: At the end of the month when the company create all the invoices a list of 250/300 invoices are created as Draft.

Customer need to open single document and Add it.

Some Add-Ons have utility to process all draft document one time...

Now, I remember that, in 9.1 version this utility was implemented. Me and my collegue we remember to have tested this funcion!

But I cannot find it now...

I found that, Coresuite Italy from MTBF had this function for massive add of Draft Docuents, but they dismise because 9.1 has native (i found their email).

Anyone could help us to find how to add draft document in a massive way?

Thanks in advance,