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Jan 29, 2016 at 12:27 PM

Delete material document prom MSEG completely


Hi experts,

I have a problem with a deletion of one old material document from MSEG. (there are no FI document)

I am going SARA, chose MM_MATBEL object.

Then after writting an archive, log show nothing.

Log in sm37 shove next message:


No data was found for specified selection"

In tables MSEG/MKPF I can see this document, also in MIGO.

In MB02, when I chose this document and year, system show the error:


Company code XXXX is not set up for Materials Management

Message No. M3152"

It is our sandbox system with old data and this company code may be deleted.

May be there are other way to delete such document or any SAP notes?

Thanks in advance