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How to transfer data from one account to another using Coefficients in Rules in SAP FC system?

Dear experts!

The problem is not connected with the amount transition from one account to another (We use RULES to do that)

The problem is that destination amount must multiply to the interest rate of a definite company (partner), which we get using Coefficient and Function in Rules. (you can see a code below showing the interest rate)

INSERT INTO [FUNCTION_TABLE] (fncode, fnarg1, fnarg2, fnarg3, fnarg4, fnvalue) SELECT [FUNCTION_CODE], entity_id, 0, 0, 0, cl_control_rate/100 FROM [TBL_SCOPE] WHERE rl_behaviour <> 0

This code works and eventually we see an amount multiplied to the interest rate of a company-partner. Here we have a real problem.

We stimulated the process of calculating data in Database (MS SQL) and noticed that destination amount use LOCAL AMOUNT (package sum) to calculate data and doesn't count CONSAMOUNT from Database, which means that Total amount is not correct. We needed to see consolidated amounts.

Could you help us with the problem of counting CONSAMOUNT in total calculations?

Thank you in advance!

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2 Answers

  • Feb 06, 2017 at 02:01 PM

    Hello Nani

    In the selection screen of the (consolidation) rule, you can specify which amount will be used

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    • Former Member

      Dear Marc!

      Thank you for your reply!

      We choose consolidated amount in Rules, but it still doesn't work.

      Below you can you can see the rule we use.

      These are our amounts from Database (MS SQL). We noticed that only first column is used whereas we need the third column CONSAMOUNT.

      Thank you in advance!

      снимок.jpg (35.1 kB)
      123.png (20.7 kB)
      124.png (26.0 kB)
  • Feb 07, 2017 at 05:31 PM

    Hi Nani

    I did some tests, and I think I have the solution for you

    My example is very simple, I have 1 package with 1 amount in it

    This RU reports in GBP, and is owned 50%, the consolidation runs in EUR (note: all numbers are just for information and to make the example simpler to follow)

    I use this SQL to show the data

    select, b.amount, b.convamount, b.consamount from ct_co0052 b, ct_account a where = b.accnt

    First, without using any rules

    The amount (2000) from package, convamount (2000 * 1.5 exchange rate), consamount (50% of convamount)

    Introduce a rule that simply copies the amount from AC2 to AC4 and multiplies x2

    Set the amount to "consolidation amount"


    Only the consamount is taken into account (and the consamount is indeed x2)

    Using "local amount"


    Now all 3 amounts are populated (Note: the 6000 for consamount is wrong - I have not analyzed further why this is)

    What needs to be done, is specify the following on the rule

    This will make the system apply the rule settings to all 3 amounts

    With this setting (so, "local amount" and "apply processing to each level", the result is this:

    This is the expected result - each amount is x2 from the original record (for all 3 amounts)

    I hope this helps to resolve your issue


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    • Former Member Marc Kuipers

      Dear Marc!

      I understood the point of this problem. As a reminder I will repeat the question:

      "The problem is that destination amount must multiply to the interest rate of a definite company (partner), which we get using Coefficient and Function in Rules."

      I thought that the problem was that the system FC doesn't count consolidated amount.

      Now I tested this case and see that the core of the problem is that on the TOP scope there are no data with the interest rate of a top company to this definite partner (which is a jointly-controlled organization), because this company is in sub-subsidiary scope. To fully understand the situation with companies you can see the screenshot below:

      The company 20070001 is a parent company and the company 20010031 is jointly-controlled organization to the parent company 20070001. the company 200100031 is in Sub-subsidiary scope, because it is the Subsidiary company of the Subsidiary of Sub-holding (20010002) of the Parent Company (20070001). I hope you got the right hierarchy.

      The scope of the Parent company includes only investment rates of subsidiary companies, but not subsubsidiary companies. (as you see below).

      The question is that I need to use the investment rate of the sub-subsubsidiary company to multiply to the amount using Coefficient. Below is the Coefficient we used to get all investment rates.

      What is the name of a variable that shows the investment rate of sub-subsidiary to use it in the Coefficient?

      Thank you in advance!

      portfolio.png (5.8 kB)
      investments.png (19.8 kB)
      rate.png (11.4 kB)