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Jan 29, 2016 at 12:43 PM

Implementing checks on "Complete Workitem"


Hi all,

I've got the following requirement: for my workflow task: adding an attachment to the material master record = workflow object, after the end user has completed the workitem ("confirm end of processing" has been set), the system should check whether an attachment has really been added.

I've implemented this task with basically a call to transaction MM02, so the user could in theory do nothing and just complete the workitem afterwards (hence this requirement).

I've been debugging, but couldn't find any exits/enhancements to implement checks at this point. Also I haven't been able to find anything on SCN or in the SAP Help documentation (or the SAP Press Workflow book).

First question: is it at all possible, technically?

Second question: if not, are there other means to implement this scenario? Basically, it's about a free-format task, and checking whether it's been executed as intended...

Thanks for any pointers!