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Jan 29, 2016 at 11:29 AM

Interest calculation


Hi All,

We have interest calculation scenario where interest to be calculated on slab rate base.

Text Posting Date Due Date Amount Receivable Debit 01.01.2015 10.01.2015 1000

Date From Date To Days in Arrears Interest Percentage 10.01.2015 09.02.2015 30 10% 09.02.2015 11.03.2015 30 20% 11.03.2015 Above 50%

  • For first 30 days from the due date is 10%
  • For next 30 days from the due date is 20%
  • 60 and above days is 50%.

Can this requirement achieve with standard configuration with bellow mentioned path?

Interest Calculation - Item Interest Calculation - Define Reference Interest Rates - Define Percentage Rates for Reference Interest Rates - Define Interest Calculation Rules - Define Interest Key - Maintain Amount Limits for Debit/Credit Interest - Define Interest Lock Reasons - Define Specifications for Interest Calculation - Activate Additional Functions for Interest Calculation - Define Clearing Reasons for Which Interest is not Calculated - Define Specifications for the Mass Run.

I am facing challenge to map different % at interest key while assigning at contract level.

If enhancement is needed can you suggest the reference information to take it forward?