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Jan 29, 2016 at 11:15 AM

access to external SQL database


I'm beginner in that kind of action so that's why I'm asking there help to masters 😊

My need is : I must connect in an external database (other company) and insert data in several tables!

I have an access to that DB in display with "Microsoft SQL Server 2012" so I'm able to check inside the table if lines exist...

But now, my issue is how to connect on this database and do the insert in one table (+check if the insert was well done) ??? :-\

to access via MS SQL server i use things like

- server name

- ID

- password

is that a way to exectute I don't know, a kind of SQL statement with inside the notion of connection to the external database + the insert X Y Z into table Where blablabla... ?

Thanks in advance for your help.